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1. Kindly click here to read the Information Booklet on the village Accountant officer post.

2. Applicants will have to take a print out of the Acknowledgement Slip after filling the online application. If you have missed taking the print out, click the link Duplicate Ack.Form. After filing the application you have to make the payment using 'Make your online Payment ' option.

4.For printing the duplicate Acknowledgement Slip, the Reference  Number and Date of Birth are required.

4a. Candidates are advised NOT to send the printout of the Acknowledgement Slip. Acknowledgement Slip is for your reference only.

5.Make the payment through 'Make your online Payment ' option (while making the payment online use six digit application reference number which is generated after filing the online application). Payment receipt may be kept safe till the entire recruitment process is over.

6. Candidates can use Application Status option to check the status of the their application by giving reference no and date of birth.

Note: Characters like  ~ $ < > ( ) %  \ - + : ; { } [ ] ` ! # ^ & * + = | " ? should not be entered in ANY of the FIELDS/COLUMNS

For Feedback if any, regarding filling up of the Online Application Form contact   Help Desk Nos .Click Here

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